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points rummy

Number of players: Min: 2 & Max:6

Deal in the game: 1

Decks used: 2

Printed jokers: 2

Drops: Available

Drop score: 20

Middle drop: 40

Full count: 80

Cards Dealt: 13


Points Rummy is a type of game that involves deal to deal settlement in which players have the liberty of joining and/or leaving a game at any time between deals.

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Variant with joker: A wild card is taken out of the shut deck arbitrarily and put under it, which is known as the joker slot.


According to the card game rules, in case printed joker is a wildcard joker, the Ace with all the suits would have to be treated as the wildcard joker, for that particular deal.

If a player disconnects in the middle of the game for any reason, the system will wait for the player to reconnect. In case the player is unable to connect again, he would end up missing his/her turn. This can repeat for up to two times. If the player is unable to connect for the third time as well, it would result in the dropping of his/her hand. This is treated as the middle drop and points for the middle drop would be awarded to the player.


Once a player has finished the game and declared, the other players who have lost the game pay money to the winner on the basis of the points they have in hand multiplied by the point value of the table.

For example: If a player has 20 points and the point value of the table is Rs10/-, then the amount to be paid by that player would be Rs10X20, i.e. Rs200/-

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