points rummy

Point’s Rummy game is the fastest form of Rummy. Each game lasts only for a single deal. In Rummy for Points, players play for points that have a predetermined rupee value. A winner wins the value of the points lost by his opponents multiplied by the chip value of each point at the end of the deal.

Winnings = (Sum of all points obtained by opponents) X (Value in rupees of the point) – Rake

Points Rummy Game Rules

Rummy Points can be played with 2 to 6 players on The rules for playing Points Rummy are simple and can be summarized as follows:

1. The game is played with 2 packets of cards. Each package has 52 cards and 2 printed Jokers.

2. A pitch, also called high carding, decides the player making the first move. The player with the highest face value card in the throw plays first.

3. All players receive 13 cards through a random shuffle and deal.

4. A Joker that is selected at random from the deck is placed on the table. In case the selected wildcard turns out to be the printed Joker, the Ace card can also be used as a wild card for the game. This implies that in said game there would be 7 or more Jokers depending on whether the joker is printed joker or otherwise.

5. A card drawn from the pack of cards is placed in the slot of the open deck, and this marks the beginning of the game.

Difference between No Joker and Joker Rummy is - No Joker Points Rummy is the most engaging form of Rummy, but it is played without any wildcard. In contrast, only printed wildcards are used. In this format too, each game lasts only 1 deal.

Points Rummy Scoring

Once a player has finished the game and declared, the other players who have lost the game play money to the winner on the basis of the points they have in hand multiplied by the point value of the table. For example: If a player has 20 points and the point value of the table is Rs10/-, then the amount to be paid by that player would be Rs10X20, i.e. Rs.200/-

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