POOL RUMMY 4/6 & 6/6

Pool rummy 4/6 & 6/6 new rummy game table feature

4/6 and 6/6 Rummy Pool tables:

In the lobby, you may see the symbol 4/6 rummy Table next to the game table at certain configurations. This configuration is a unique game format, developed by silkrummy, for the Pool game format in rummy.

When you see the symbol 4/6 rummy Table next to the game table in the lobby, this specifies a game table which will start when a minimum of 4 people enter the game. When you see the symbol 6/6 Rummy Table instead, this specifies a rummy game which will start only when the game table is full or completed seated. This game format has been specifically created in order to enable gameplay on well-funded and challenging game tables.

Key rules of the table:
  • Once you join the table on a 4/6 rummyTable or 6/6 RummyTable table, the pre-determined timer waits for a minimum of 4 or 6 rummy players to join the table, and the game table is started right after the quorum for the table is filled.
  • In case the quorum is not filled before the end of the pre-specified timer, the game is cancelled and the entry fee is refunded back into the player’s accounts
  • The player can choose to leave the table any time before the quorum is filled on the game table. Once the quorum is filled, exit from the table is not allowed. Standard disconnection rules apply.
  • General rules of the pool rummy game format apply.

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