SILK RUMMY WEBSITE - SAFETY AND SECURITY ensures its players the latest safety and security measures by strictly implementing various collusion and fraud protection measures on a regular basis. We take our security measures with utmost seriousness and professionalism in order to protect the interest of our players.

Players are eligible to choose the table of their interest (depends on availability) and select a particular seat to play the game.

Two mutual friends or known cannot sit at the same table of play.

No two people from the same IP address would be authorized to play on the same table.

The random shuffling of cards during a particular game is randomly shuffled, the Random Number Generator used by has been certified by iTech Labs, Australia and IEC/ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. will not allow players logged in from the same IP address to play on the same game table.

We do not allow money laundering – A player who deposits the money into the system needs to play with it and not just withdraw. If a player deposits and withdraws without playing with the amount, the player shall be charged a certain amount as fees.

When a player request for withdrawal the risk team runs a few checks intended to specifically detect fraudulent transactions or any money laundering activity.

During the game

A railbird (visitor) on a particular table can only see the discarded cards, open deck cards, and community cards.

24*7 automated anti-fraud algorithms will help in tracking every move (selection of cards, discards, melds, shows) of a player for each game. has implemented necessary checks to analyze if 2 or more players are colluding during the course of a game or tournament played. An automatic alert is raised if detects any signs of collusion during the course of gameplay.

We ensure that suspected games are wisely inspected; if any sign of collusion is confirmed, accounts of involved players are immediately blocked and the funds of such players are seized with no notification. On the other hand, Players who are affected by collusion shall be returned their chips.

After the game ends

If identified by, Players who are suspected of collusion are without any notification blocked from playing games at the same table on our website with immediate effect.

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