The integration of the passion for Rummy in the culture of India and its modern format!

Rummy is one of the world’s finest card games. It is originally a phonetic word and variations in spelling versions of the game do the rounds in India rammi, rummi, rammy etc. The oxford dictionary, however, defines the correct spelling of the game as Rummy, with an U and Y. The origin of Rummy is often traced back to Latin America in some journals, however, the version of the game played in India is entirely different from the other versions played across the globe.  To know more about the origin of Rummy and the history of rummy in India, check out the embedded links here.

The culture of rummy in India dates back many years and it has evolved into various formats over many generations which each game format increasing the deck size, the number of cards dealt, the complexity of the rules and the mental exercise that this exciting game provides. The game today consists of various kinds of formats, such as 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy, 24 cards rummy, 29 cards rummy, and different kinds of variants of the game are played in different parts of the country. For example, in the North of India, 21 cards rummy is a more popular variant, for example in states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab etc. In the west of India, in states like Gujarat, both of game formats are quite popular – the standard classic rummy format consisting of 13 cards, and also the broader version of the game, which increases in complexity and mental algorithm calculation such as the 21 cards format. In the south of India, in most states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala etc, the classic version of the game consisting of 13 cards dealt to each player continues to be the main favourite amongst the players. To know more about the other formats of rummy played outside India, check out Rummy across the world!

The classic rummy format continues to rule online!

The online version of rummy has mainly been adapted for the classic 13 cards format of rummy, as it is the most logical and mentally invigorating format. The rules of the 13 cards format can be viewed at rummy rules. While online rummy has its patrons all across the country, the major distribution of the rummy playing population still lies in the south of India. See the chart below:

Rummy popularity regions in India

Major features to look for to select your favorite rummy site:

Silkrummy today ranks as one of India’s best rummy sites. The key features which make it a favorite with online rummy players in India are as follows:

Uninterrupted Rummy Gameplay:

With its advanced disconnection management system ensuring that the online players do not face any issue because of random internet fluctuations and the money is not lost abruptly, silkrummy continues to be a favorite rummy site with the Indian players. To know more in detail about the policies related to disconnected management, please check our terms and services.

Best in Class rummy card grouping and show features :

Silkrummy has various features for the benefit of its players to enable smooth gameplay inside the app and on the website. It is India’s first 3d animated rummy game site, and the host of features provided by the site to its players are absolutely unparalleled. With 3d Avatars and relaxing beach background, there is very little strain on the eyes of the rummy player and makes for a pleasurable experience. In the mobile app version of Silkrummy, features of easy grouping, sliding cards across the screen etc are provided to make for a very intuitive gaming experience. All the controls etc, are also very easy to understand. To know more about the entire philosophy and thought process that has gone into designing your favorite rummy site, check out what makes Silkrummy India’s favorite Rummy site!

Rummy awesome Card Grouping- Silkrummy

Rummy awesome Card Grouping- Silkrummy

Rummy Game table theme

Best Rummy Game Table Themes – Silkrummy

High Referral bonus to invite your Rummy circle online!

Silkrummy gives one of the highest bonuses for bring your rummy circle of friends online to play on the site. The bonus becomes applicable on your account once your friend registers to play on silkrummy using the unique referral link mapped to your account and the bonus starts releasing once the friend starts playing cash games. You can also play with your private circle of friends who play rummy adda offline in the online format through our private tables feature. To access the private tables feature, log in to your account on the website and access the rummy lobby. Use the left-hand side navigation bar to access the private table features and invite your circle of friends to play online rummy in an exclusive private rummy club format. From time to time, we also introduce instant bonuses to bring your circle of rummy buddies online on our platform. Check out more about the applicable referral bonuses to bring your rummy circle online here.

Modern rummy formats for the new age rummy pro!

The passion for rummy adda transcends all ages and demographic barriers. The game in its online version has evolved to include many variations of the game to enhance the experience of the players and to define the kind of format they would like to play their favorite game in. The game formats for the classic Indian rummy available on Silkrummy, include Best of N, One Shot, Pool in 201 and 101 count formats, the classic points rummy format, One-shot rummy, and more. To know more about the various formats of rummy available on silkrummy, check out rummy game variations on Silkrummy.  Also, learn about the different rules of the game by visiting the following links:


In this new modern world of online rummy adda, the laws of the jungle do not apply. Simple logic does. And your ability to take risks! So come on board, and play sometimes or play daily, but don’t miss out on the world’s favourite mental exercise game of cards. Come join us in this exciting journey of showcasing your rummy passion to the world! To know more about the legalities of playing real money rummy in your respective state, check out our Terms and Services.




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