Rummy Legalities in Andhra Pradesh

Can We Play Rummy Cash Game In Andhra Pradesh?

No. The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to ban online games like rummy, poker, cash casino games, etc.., The state cabinet that met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took the decision to ban online gambling,

The only way to play rummy is to do it offline with family, friends, without involving cash/money. Another option is to download a free Rummy app and play against the free rummy players.

In Andhra Pradesh, you can only play rummy in the ways mentioned above playing only for fun, and not for winning money.

FAQs about playing Cash Rummy Games in Andhra Pradesh

What if we are from another state but are visiting Andhra Pradesh and happen to sign up for a rummy website?

Users won’t be allowed to log in to the cash game lobby to play a game, but users can send your KYC forms that proves you are from another state to the customer service by email. Our team will verify the details at the backend and then grant access to play rummy online. Users KYC details must & should prove that they are living in another state and not in Andhra Pradesh. User will also have to ensure that bank account is not in Andhra Pradesh as payments to banks in the state will not go through due to the ban on rummy.

Can we play free rummy games in Andhra Pradesh?

The State government has banned playing rummy with cash. Users can play free rummy games online without facing any issues.

What happens to the money in my Silkrummy account?

Your money is safe with us. Your cash withdrawal will be processed in due course. For any questions please write to us at

I’m unable to withdraw/redeem my cash from Silk Rummy

Write to us at  with all your account affiliated details and our team will be happy to help you out.

I’m not a player from Andhra Pradesh, yet I’m not able to play cash games on SilkRummy.

Please communicate with us at . We’ll perform similar compliance checks as may be needed ahead allowing you to further play.

What about my money which I’ve added at silkrummy?

Your money is safe with us. Your cash withdrawals will be processed in due course. For any questions please write back to us at

Is there any way to play rummy in Andhra Pradesh?

Playing online rummy for real cash is unfortunately is banned in Andhra Pradesh. We suggest you to play free rummy games to get out of boredom.

Is cash rummy legal in Andhra Pradesh?

Playing cash rummy games in Andhra Pradesh is not legal but free rummy games are allowed to play.

Does all rummy sites are ban in Andhra Pradesh?

All the Rummy sites have banned to play rummy Cash games online.

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