Plying 13 Card Points Rummy game or 13 Card Rummy is the most popular card game in India, which is played with standard cards with jokers and with a minimum of 2 players. It is a draw and discards game in which players must organize their hand cards in valid sets and sequences. Rummy players can play online 13 rummy game cards to get free and real cash on our site. 13 card rummy rules are very simple. To learn rules of 13 card games only at India’s fastest growing rummy website Silkrummy.com. 13 card rummy rules similar to Indian Rummy rules.

  • Of the 13 cards in the player’s hands, there must be at least one pure sequence.
  • Sequence: a sequence is a group of consecutive letters.
  • Pure sequence: a sequence of at least three consecutive cards of the same series is known as a pure sequence. In other words, the pure sequence does not use any Joker to complete it (unless that Joker is falling into the sequence itself).
  • With a pure sequence, there has to be another sequence, which can be pure or impure.
  • Impure sequence: according to the rummy rules, an impure sequence is the one used by Joker to complete it. In other words, the impure sequence can use Joker (s).
  • The rest of the cards must be organized in any of the sets of valid sequences. The sequences can be pure or impure.
  • Set: a group of cards with the same face value but a different suit is called a set.
  • Note: A set is valid only when you have 4 or less than 4 cards (however, no less than 3 cards).
    Several types of wildcards in the Rummy game: since in all the basic rummy rules, the term Joker is used to a large extent, let’s understand what they are. Basically, there are two types of Jokers in the Rummy game. These two types of wildcards are explained below                 :
  • Cut Joker: after dealing with the cards, the dealer opens the first card of the closed deck. This open letter becomes Cut Joker. All cards of the same rank on any suit are considered Cut Jokers.
    Printed Joker: In addition to 52 cards in the deck, there are also 2 extra cards with Joker’s face on them, which are known as printed jokers.

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