Rummy Rules and guide to Play Rummy Online Games

13 Cards Rummy is one of the most loved and popular card games among people of all ages in India. 13 cards rummy rules form the backbone of the game but are not too difficult to grasp. Though Rummy as a game has many different versions to it, official rummy rules do not exist for any of these. In 13 card Indian Rummy game, the rummy rules for the offline and online versions are much the same.

Here are some common Rummy rules which need to follow while playing Rummy cash games

Each player in a game of 13 cards Rummy is dealt 13 cards. Maximum of 6 players use two decks of cards. If there are more players, the third deck can be used too. One deck has 52 cards and one printed joker card.

Forming Rummy Sequences and Sets

A run have at least three consecutive cards of the same suit formed a pure sequence.

A sequence can also be made using a joker but to finish a 13 cards rummy game you need at least one pure sequence that is without joker.

A set has three cards of the same rank with differing suits.

How to finish the game

As per the Rummy rules, when a player meets the game objective they can finish by discarding a card onto the finish slot.

How Scoring is Done

Both players are required to arrange their cards in sets and sequences. Player who arrange cards first, win the game and the remaining players scored according to the remaining cards in hand.

Each card carries a certain number of points

J – 10 points

Q – 10 points

k – 10 points

A – 10 points

All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value for example 5 carries 5 points and 2 carries 2 points.

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