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Playing Online Rummy Game is easy

Playing Online Rummy is easy when you know how to play online rummy. Rummy online is a card game easy to learn and play. Indian Classic rummy online is played at 2 player tables or 6 player tables. 1 deck of cards is used on the tables of 2 players and 2 decks of cards on the tables of 6 players. The players sit around a table and collect and discard cards in their turn clockwise. They can choose a card from an open deck of cards or the closed deck of cards and discard a card in the open deck. If you love cards, you can easily learn how to play 13 rummy cards; The most popular Rummy game in India. You can play real money rummy online while you are idle in the office or traveling or from home at your convenience. When you play, your goal is to defeat all your opponents at the table by first making sequences and combinations of cards. The best way to learn is to watch demo videos on our YouTube channel. Learn the basics of Rummy by watching these videos. Once you have the right basics, simply choose a table and join the hundreds of other players across the country who have discovered the fun and excitement of playing your favorite game online.

Rummy Game Objective

The objective of the game is to organize the 13 cards in sequences and/or sets. A minimum of 2 sequences are required, of which 1 must be pure (a sequence made without a wild card) and the second sequence can be pure or impure. To make pure groups, you can make a maximum of 2 games (same cards of different suits). The game begins with a draw to decide which player will make the first move. To play rummy online effectively, you must set your priorities correctly, that is, first focus on making a pure sequence and then on the second sequence and then look for other cards to make sequences or sets.

The strategy is quite different when playing with 1 deck (2 player table) or 2 decks (6 player table) of cards. With a mallet, the game runs very fast. You can count the cards that the opposing player discards and make your strategy accordingly, while, in the game of 2 decks, it is a little difficult to count the cards.

13 Card Online Rummy Card Game Tips and Tricks

Playing rummy online is also a good source of making money online for professional players. Before going to play real cash rummy games first learn how to play online rummy. The trick is that you must be very attentive, focused, good at counting cards, and being attentive to the cards chosen and discarded by opponents. With a little practice, you can control all these things and you can earn and earn money while playing rummy.

Rummy Card Game Deal

Each player receives 13 random cards. The first card in the pack is placed in the open deck to show that the game has begun. The rest of the cards are placed face down in the closed deck of the table. At the beginning of the game, a random wild card is chosen. If by chance the selected wildcard card turns out to be the printed Joker of the card package, players can use the Ace card of any suit as a wild card in the sets and/or sequences they make.

Rummy Game Rules for using Joker

Now, the question is; How to use the “Joker Card in Indian Rummy Games” or “How to play Rummy Online Game with Joker?” The existence of the Joker card makes the Rummy game a more exciting game. Joker is the game-changer in the online rummy card game. There are two types of wild cards.

  • Printed Joker: there is a wild card printed on each deck of cards.
  • wild card: after dealing with the cards among the players, a card is opened and placed under the closed deck. This is considered a wild card for that game and is the wild card. If the open wildcard is the printed wildcard, then all the Aces are considered wildcards.

Use of wild cards in Rummy Game

  • Picture joker and wild card wildcards can be used to complete any impure sequence or set.
  • The wild card and the printed wild card are treated equally in the Indian Classic Rummy Online.
  • If the opposing player discards the wild card by mistake, then other players at the table cannot pick it up.
  • You can choose a wild card from the open deck whenever it is the first turn of the game.
  • The player may choose a wild card from the closed deck at any time, provided it is that player’s turn to choose.
  • A wild card has no points.

Rummy Player turns

Turn by turn, each player chooses a card from the closed deck and discards a card in the open deck. With this, the player seeks to merge all the cards into valid sets and/or sequences. Players can use one or more of a wild card to complete their sets or sequences. Once all your sets and/or sequences are complete, you can declare moving a card to the place of “completion” on the game table.


When you declare, you must organize your cards into sets and/or sequences and make a “show” of your organized cards. Once you have done this, you must click on the ‘Declare’ button. The game will be considered finished if you declare at least two sequences, of which one must be a pure sequence, that is, a sequence made without the use of a Joker card

Rummy Game Table

SilkRummy promotes a vibrant, safe, and stimulating gaming experience as shown in the following screenshot.

Calculation of rummy game points

Each card has points. Losing players get points based on their hand score. All numbered cards, that is 2-10 carry points according to their nominal value. Then an 8 carries 8 points and a 2 carries 2 points. J, Q, K and A of any suit each have 10 points. The Joker card has no points. Points for all cards that are not organized in sets or sequences are added to each losing player at the end of the game. If a player cannot form a pure sequence, the points for all cards in the player’s hand will be counted. A losing player can get a maximum of 80 points. Even if your hand score totals more than 80 points, he or she will get a maximum of 80 points. In case the losing player has not had his first turn before another player makes a valid declaration in the game, then the losing players will only get half of the points of their hand score

Drop option in Rummy Game

What is the drop option? There are three types of rummy variations. In the 2- player rummy online game, players cannot “drop” a deal. In games with more than 2 players, a player may leave the game on his turn at any time during the game.

In all Rummy Games variants, if a player loses three consecutive or consecutive turns, he will be eliminated from the game. Your points will be calculated based on the score of your hand, the maximum points being 80. To leave the game, the player should not have chosen a card from the open or closed deck on that particular turn. If you drop the game on your first turn, you get 20 points. If you leave the game on any subsequent turn, you get 40 points. If you lose 3 consecutive turns (consecutively), you are automatically taken out of the game and get 40 points.

In case you disconnect, you can ask to be removed after three lost shifts or you can stay at the game table until you reconnect. What happens if you miss three movements? In 2-player games, if a player loses 3 consecutive turns, he will be automatically eliminated from the game of rummy with a score equal to 80 points or the actual hand score, whichever is less. In more than 2 player games, if a player loses 3 consecutive turns, he/she is automatically eliminated from the game with a medium drop score.

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