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About Rummy

Online Rummy

Rummy is a kind of matching card game, which has been admired in India from time immemorial. Having originated in the middle of the 18th century, Indian rummy includes making of melds or sets of cards of same suits and order. We offer our patrons an opportunity to play rummy online in India in the form of both cash rummy games and classic rummy games. We provide 24x7 rummy games online catering to the 13 cards rummy games To ensure that our valued customers get a seamless experience while playing real money rummy games on our website, our team offers 24X7 Customer Support. On, we offer two types of rummy:

Objective of the game

In rummy, 13 cards get randomly distributed amongst the players with the central objective of the rummy game being to make a set or meld of those 13 cards in a particular order, by taking and discarding cards from the book and open decks. The individual who manages to make the perfect melds before everybody else is declared as the winner. There are three kinds of orders in which melding is supposed to be done: