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Indian Rummy is a popular variant of Online Rummy, also known as 13 cards Rummy game. Rummy is a passion game. You can play rummy everyday on silkrummy and stand the chance at becoming a millionaire through a multitude of cash prizes, bonuses and tournament prize money at Playing rummy online is legal in India as per the ruling of the Supreme Court but the players are required to check specific legislations in their own states to determine whether they are allowed to play Rummy online. is one of the best Indian classic rummy websites for experts to play real money rummy games and win millions of cash prizes. We have more than 2 Lakhs registered players, making us one of the best Rummy game portals for playing card games for cash in India. We allow you to play online rummy with real players in the most improved multiplayer game environment. You can log in from your PC or your mobile phone and play 24x7 rummy games online and there will be hundreds of players waiting to join you at the tables! Silkrummy offers a unique gaming experience that is the best in the industry to make sure you have an enriching and satisfying experience playing Rummy Online.

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Silkrummy offers 3 variants of online rummy games – Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy. Points Rummy also known as Strikes Rummy (with or Without Joker)

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Pure Sequence:

Making a pure sequence is essential in the set of melds. You cannot declare the game till the time you've made a pure sequence. In pure sequence, the primary objective is to make a sequential meld of cards having the same suit. For example, 8♥ 9♥ 10♥

Pure Sequence

The triplet involves a meld having cards of the same number, but different suits. Forming a triplet is not mandatory as the pure sequence, but if you are planning to make a triplet meld, then you must remember that the suit must not be repeated. For example,10♥10♠10♣ or 4♥ 4♠4♣ 4♦.

Second Sequence:

This type of order involves the use of the wild card, otherwise known as the Joker card. If you don’t have a consecutive order of cards, then you can place a joker card in your current meld and it shall then assume the value of the card that you require to complete the sequence. Again, 2nd sequence has no value till the time you make a pure sequence. For example, 8♠ Q♥ 10♠. Here, joker card Q♥ becomes 9♠, thereby completing the sequence as 8♠ 9♠ 10♠

Note:Q of any suit is considered as the joker card only in this given hand, the joker card can and shall vary from game to game.

second Sequence

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