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indian classic rummy

Indian classic rummy is a game of two decks of cards, usually played with a hand of 13 cards and a wild card, more commonly known as the 'joker' card. Rummy, believed to have originated from the Indian sub-continent, is a game which requires a balanced blend of mental acumen and skill, with heavy involvement of memory and mathematical probabilities.

The Indian classic rummy format has the same basic principles as other variations of rummy played worldwide. The game play involves picking up and discarding cards from both the open and closed decks, and then forming the cards in your hand into melds, which essentially are sets of 3 or more cards put together by suit or sequence.

The 13 card format of the Indian classic rummy game is the most widely played format across the Indian subcontinent, with the span of players of the game reaching the Afghan borders in the west right up to China in the east. In China, the game is preceded by its antecedent Mahjong, the most popular game in south East Asia, along with other variations of rummy. The 13 card format of the game, also known as the Indian classic rummy, remains the most renowned format, despite rising popularity of the 21 cards Indian rummy and 27 cards Indian rummy.

At, our aspiration is to transform this beloved Indian game into a sophisticated and refined digital avatar in order to provide our players a comprehensive platform where they can connect with their old Indian rummy of friends, even if they live in different parts of the world, by recreating the experience of playing the Indian classic rummy online.

We sincerely hope you experience the joy of playing the beautiful game of Indian classic rummy on our website. Please write in to us at if you wish to provide feedback or tell us what we can do to make your rummy playing experience even more pleasant and satisfying.

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