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The 13 cards format of Indian Classic Rummy is a simple yet highly skill-based game played with two to three decks on a table of six players at the most. The required skill and prowess for numbers makes it a favorite of Indians who are famed across the world for their mathematical acumen.

13 cards classic rummy is touted by many as one of the more sophisticated and refined multiplayer card games and players across the country spend years in their pursuit of mastering this brilliantly designed game. The 13 cards version is more commonly played with a joker, although the no joker format is not that rare. Many experienced players are known to prefer the no joker 13 cards rummy game, as it requires a relatively higher level of patience and concentration, but the 13 cards rummy game with joker remains more preferred because it combines the aforementioned required levels of patience and concentration with an added element of excitement, coupled with an ever so slight element of luck, thereby increasing the enjoyment of the game.

On, we have digitally transformed the 13 cards rummy online in both these formats- with joker and without joker- for the recreation of our customers by providing them a platform to connect with their old rummy online by bringing their dearly beloved game online.

We are one of the very few rummy websites in India to provide players with the choice of inviting their friends onto their very own private rummy tables, if they desire to play exclusively with their old 13 cards rummy games without any interference from other players. is the place to be if you are interested to play 13 cards rummy in India. We are constantly working to make additions to our product in order to make customer experience as pleasing as possible. Do write in to us at if you have any feedback or if you wish to share your experience playing on our website.

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