How much time does it take to process withdrawals at rummy site?

Processing of withdrawals typically can take anywhere between 0-4 business days based on your gameplay, deposit and withdraw patterns, settlement history and other account histories. In case of any suspicious activity, the withdrawal might be kept on hold for longer while the investigation is underway.

Don’t worry your money is safe with us. We do our best in order to process your withdrawals as soon as possible. In case of any issues, you can write to us at

What is the process of withdrawals at silk rummy?

Once you have submitted the amount of money you wish to withdraw from your account, your redemption request is reviewed within 1-4 days and is approved/rejected/modified. You can cancel your withdrawal request and receive the funds back into your main game account for playing at any time before any modification has been made to your request from our side. Once the request has been approved, you can expect the funds to hit your bank accounts within the next 24 hours.

I have won money from the Rs.50 rummy free bonus money that I received. Can I withdraw it?

No. The free money has been added to your account in order to enable you to experience Any winnings you may make from such free money cannot be withdrawn.

Deductions have been made from my withdrawals. What are these?

Sometimes withdraw amounts can be subject to certain deductions such as:

– System errors in winnings

– any applicable taxes

– applicable withdrawal fees

– Locked amount

– Winnings from / promotional money that cannot be withdrawn etc

In case of any such deductions from your withdrawal amount, you can write to us at

Can I withdraw my Rummy Tournament winnings?

Yes. If the tournament winning is distributed to you in the form of prize money, such money can be withdrawn. If the tournament winnings is distributed to you in any other form, the value of such prize/good cannot be claimed as a withdrawal request. Any withdrawal request, however, is subject to the general conditions of withdrawals.

My Withdrawal has been rejected. Why is that?

In certain cases, your withdrawal request can be rejected if,

  • You have not deposited any money with the intention of playing cash games on the site
  • Suspicious activity has been detected in your accounts, such as having multiple accounts, engaging in collusion or fraud, suspicious financial transactions, etc, and other conditions that are in violation of our terms of service. Such an act can also result in the suspension of your account based on the terms in the Terms of service agreement.
  • Withdrawal is less than the minimum amount of withdrawal after applicable deductions

Please note that the withdrawal conditions and policy are subject to change at the discretion of the management.

Is there any limit to the number of withdrawals I can make on

No there is no limit to the number of withdrawals you can make on However, the first 3 withdrawal requests per week are processed free of charge on Silkrummy and any subsequent withdrawal request per week will attract a processing fee of INR 50 or 1 % of the withdrawal amount, whichever is higher. The limit will reset at the beginning of every week on Sunday. This condition does not apply to high-value players.

Please note that this limit is applicable only on Approved and processed Withdrawals and does not apply to Withdrawal requests that you have canceled.

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