The Refer A Friend Contest runs every month on to award the players who invite the maximum number of friends to the site. The following are the FAQs regarding the contest:

What happens in the case of a tie?

In the case of a tie, if two or more players have invited the same number of friends onto the site, the total deposits made by the referred friends are taken into account to decide the winner of the contest.

Does it matter if I invite 1 high-value player versus 2 or more small value players?

No. As far as the question of deciding the winner of the contest goes, the first tally is done based on the number of friends invited. If there is a tie between two or more players for the highest number of friends referred, then the value which the referred friends bring to the site is taken into account to decide between the tie.

Does this impact my Referral Bonus?

No. Your referral bonus will release as per the Terms and conditions of the Referral Bonus. As your friends play, your referral bonus releases. You can view the entire Terms and conditions of the Referral Bonus here. The Bonus money is in addition to the Referral Bonus money which is released on your friends’ gameplay

How will I get my Contest Prize Amount?

The prize amount for the contest will be provided to you in the form of a scratch card. This scratch card can be used to deposit money into at any point in time, without any validity, through the Add Cash page.

Can you give me some tips and Tricks to win the contest?

The best way to refer maximum number of friends and to win the contest is by using Social media platforms. You can publish the link to the site through the Referral page (containing your unique referral URL) on Facebook, for example. If you are also able to drive some engagement to this post by getting a few friends to interact on this post, the likelihood of this post appearing in your friends’ newsfeed increases. This will help you in attracting the maximum number of friends that you have on your Facebook platform, for example, onto your referred list. Another tip to winning this contest is by talking to your circle of rummy friends face to face and telling them how much you enjoy playing on and the experience that you have had on the website. In case you have any feedback with regards to your experience on our site, and wish for us to improve it further, please let us know by filling out our Silkrummy Feedback section or writing to us at

Is there any minimum number of friends for me to invite in order to be eligible to enter this contest?

Yes. You need to invite at least 5 eligible friends in any given month in order to be eligible for entering this contest.

Is there any maximum number of friends for me to invite for this contest?

No. There is no maximum number of friends that you can invite in any given month. However, if you have a rummy player network of 50 players or more, we would recommend that you write to us at and register for our rewarding Affiliate program.

What happens if I refer a friend and he does not join the site of play on the site?

In order for a referred friend to be counted as a valid friend invite for the purposes of this contest, your referred friend should register on the site using your Unique Referral URL or Code. (Please visit the how-to Invite your Circle of Rummy Friends section on the Android App). After registration, he will be counted as a valid referral, only once he deposits money and starts playing on the site, for purposes of this contest.

What are the conditions of counting my referred friends for winning this contest?

For purposes of this contest, your invited friend should

Be a new player to the site. Duplicate accounts do not count.

Be a registered cash player on the site.

There should be 5 or more such eligible friends.

What is the prize money for the monthly Referral contest?

The prize money changes from month to month. We usually update the prize money for the ongoing month within the first week of any running month. You can check out our Refer-A-Friend Prize Contest page for more information on the prize money for the current ongoing month. In case of any queries, outside this FAQs section, please feel free to write to us at We are happy to answer your Queries!

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