Gambling essentially means risking money or something else of value on an uncertain event in the hopes of winning money or any other valuable good. When done online, it is known as online gambling or internet gambling. Online gambling has these days become a way for fun and entertainment for players across the globe. Various forms of online gambling, such as online poker, online rummy, online casinos, sports betting, etc are providing a much-needed escape from the monotonous daily routines. You can now even play online rummy and rummy on remote devices, including your mobile phone or tablet for an enjoyable experience, wherever you are!

Online games in India such as online rummy are referred to as games of skill and not games of chance and hence are completely safe and legal to play online on our site. We ensure that we provide you with a legal, safe, and secure experience with online card games. So log on to and start playing for an unmatchable online rummy experience.

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