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The biggest paradigm shift that the 20th century produced can be attributed to the advent of the World Wide Web. The Internet has managed to connect the world in a way that not even connoisseurs of the past could have imagined. The presence of the Internet can be seen in almost every aspect of life as we know it today, and the gaming industry has especially felt it in abundance. Online card games have existed since the early 1980s and have gained incredible popularity, especially among the millennia’s. This increase coincided with the unprecedented increase in the gaming industry, which introduced the world to online gaming, a phenomenon made possible by the enormously complementary association of online gaming and gaming. According to a recent estimate, the global online gambling industry is valued at around $ 46 billion and due to an industry valued at around $ 5 billion; India represents a considerable part of that market. People have already spent many hours of their lives sitting in front of their computers, and the future will surely see more of the same, India is no exception. This has helped to introduce favorite games such as Rummy, Teen Patti, etc. in a digital avatar, thus changing the world of online rummy games forever.

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