The awesome story of how Rummy Card Game Comeback

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Posted on Dec 05, 2020 at 15:41 PM

A popular card game in India until recently, Rummy had an almost cult status among his fans. He played at festivals like Diwali and popular during weddings and other family occasions, rummy captured the hearts of many. Over time, however, its popularity declined. As players began moving to modern games on the Internet, Rummy began to find fewer players.

This, however, was a short-lived setback. Rummy recovers again in the spotlight. A significant factor that contributed to this resurgence is the change of the game to online platforms. Smooth game design and smooth user experience made it possible to play online rummy, which eventually helped the game to climb the popularity charts.

Here is a detailed description of how rummy made an impressive return to the hearts of card game enthusiasts around the world.

A brief history of the rummy:

Card players around the world know rummy well. This exciting game requires one to form sets in a relevant sequence when drawing or discarding from the stack. After evolving from a Spanish game called “Conquian”, he migrated to other countries. It is even said that it was played during World War I on dark coffee tables in Budapest.

As it has been played for centuries, the Indian rummy has evolved in numerous variations, depending on where it was popular.

Rummy’s rise and fall:

As the game was (and still is) quite easy to learn, it attracts a diverse set of people. Fans swear by the immense emotion that rummy invokes and the convenience of not requiring more equipment than a deck of cards. The cards could be taken anywhere, so the game became a popular way to keep boredom at bay. From sailors in the sea to ladies at kitty parties, rummy was loved by everyone.

After having spread to almost every corner of the world, the rummy was thriving. But soon the growth curve reached a plateau. Perhaps the main reason for its decline was the appearance of arcade games, which were then followed by online games, thanks to the rise of technology. What was once the most played card game soon faced the possibility of extinction.

The return:

In recent years, Rummy has made a fantastic comeback. With the advent of online games, this favorite card game is becoming all the rage, mainly because it now implies an easy way to earn money. Rummy has always been an absolute pleasure for the public, and it is not surprising that once again he has achieved fame due to the fun and excitement he offers.

Advances in technology are now marking the beginning of a new era for online rummy, which is quickly becoming a sensation. With multiple variations of Indian rummy now available at the swipe of a finger, you can choose the variant you want to play. Thanks to online rummy, you now have the option of winning while playing and earning exciting rewards, both in cash and in-kind.

As more and more people play rummy online, this traditional game of touch and skill is adopting a new avatar expert in technology.

Popularity statistics:

According to research conducted by FICCI KPMG in 2016, the gaming industry contributes Rs 26.5 billion in one year and is expected to grow to Rs 50.7 billion by 2020. About 40% of this comes from free online rummy, with a growth rate of more than 30 -40% with each passing year.

With the smartphone revolution taking India by storm, there has been a catalytic growth in online rummy. With more than one billion smartphone users in India, we still have to realize the full effects of Internet penetration in the country. While mobile games are now incredibly popular, online rummy has also begun to see an increase in popularity.

With multiple cash rewards and great gaming experience, young online players are getting hooked on the game!

Rummy online is here to stay:

Rummy has always been a skill-based game, which involves a test of strategy, memory and future vision. Now that the game can be played online, not only on the PC but also on smartphones, players are once again realizing the benefits it offers in multiple areas: concentration, increased memory, analytical skills and implementation of the mathematical principles of permutation/combination and probability

Certainly, rummy requires a good eye and helps increase concentration. If that is not enough motivation, it helps that many online rummy sites allow registered players to play for cash and other prizes. It is the only card game that allows you to play for cash and is legal in India. No wonder that every day is more popular. This exciting game of skill and strategy has returned and is here to stay!

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