Rummy Marketing Statistics

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Posted on Dec 05, 2020 at 15:48 PM

Rummy Marketing Statistics

Rummy is a game that includes a group of matching cards of the same rank or sequence. The main objective of this type of card game is forming melds respective of their suits and ranks. The original form of Rummy is called Sai rummy or Basic rummy and was originated back in the age of 18th century. Though still it’s kind of a debate on the actual origination of the Rummy games, some says it’s a descendant of a Mexican Game named Conquian, and some says it has come from a Chinese game named Khanhoo, and many people also believe it to be a type of Mahjong game. Rummy Game has lots of variants as well originated from different parts of the world, like the Rummy 500, Gin Rummy, Classic Indian Rummy, Kalooki etc. Gin and Indian are two of the most popular variants of Rummy game these days. Since Rummy is a game of skill, and thus it doesn’t comes under any gambling laws.

Though Rummy games didn’t get that much of media exposure if compared to the Poker game, but it is still believed to be one of the most popular card games in India. Indian continent is not only limited with the Offline Rummy games, but it also hosts numerous amount of Online Rummy portals those which provide the players to site and play rummy game from their home. Some of the most popular rummy portals of India are: Bunga365, Rummy-Circle, Classic Rummy, Junglee Rummy and many more.

As the game, the name of the game has also certain impact on the current debate topics till date. Though it is not sure, but there are a lot of theories explained on this topic

Thus basically if we say then the main market of the Rummy game revolves around the Asian Countries, but still there are many players from the United States and European Countries as well.

Asian Countries:
  1. India: India is a country of diversity and versatility, and it never leaves a single stone unturned while showing the very same thing. India is a country of wide variation of cultures, but when it comes to card games, the Indians usually prefer the rummy Games, infact India has its own version of Rummy Game called as the Classic Indian Rummy. India serves around 76% of the total traffic; around 4 out of every 10 card game players prefer playing rummy games. More than 1 lakh players play rummy games simultaneously at different online portals. There are many notable pro players in India those who support and promote this skill based game of Rummy. Indian Portals also organizes many Rummy tournaments for encouraging the players. Mostly around 63% of the total rummy players prefer the real cash games and the rest 37% stick to the game just for fun.
  2. China: China is the 2nd largest country in the world; it is also believed to be one of the most populated countries. Though China is specifically known for the awards it accumulates in the national and international games for Gymnastics, Swimming, and many other such sports, but many must not be knowing that China is one of the main country that is believed to be the place of origin of the Rummy games. In-fact China has also its own version of rummy game, known as the Sanghai Rummy and the other one is Mahjong Rummy and those are hugely accepted by the players as a hobby at leisure hours. Among the total traffic, China serves around 7% that almost makes around 10,000 people. Though people from china particularly opt for the Offline games, but still many people prefers to sit and enjoy the games online. The Chinese players usually go for the fun games, and a very minute percentage of the traffic head towards the real cash games.
  3. Pakistan: The word Pakistan means “the Lord of the pure”, a country of purity that gives immense priority to its Islamic Culture and religion, People of Pakistan are also very occupied with the card games, though rummy is not the main card game of this country, but still rummy game has managed to be in the list of Top 5 most popular card games of Pakistan. The Pakistan version of Rummy game is called as Kharr Wanj. Almost 12% of the total Rummy population comes from the place of Pakistan, and they usually prefer to play the cash games.
  4. Others: Others include Bangladesh, Japan and many such countries that almost give the rest 5% to the Rummy Asian Population, particularly opt for the Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. Though the population is less, but some of those countries also organize some of the Rummy events for encouraging the players.
European Countries:

Europe is the world’s second smallest country by surface area, and is also believed to be the birthplace of the western culture. European countries make almost around 15% of the total Rummy population. Though the first priority of the European countries in the sports genre goes for the Football (soccer), but still there are many people those who simultaneously have a soft corner for the game of Rummy. Basically the Europeans do follow the games of Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Kalooki etc. Rome one of the European county’s capital which is said to be the place of love and romance plays the main role in the rummy games, it contains the biggest population of rummy lovers. Almost around 93% of the total population of the European Rummy comes from the Rome, and rest from the other rest countries. Gin Rummy is the most played game in Rome and is usually enjoyed with a sip of old vine juice and a slice of Pizza Bianca, who else would want to miss the weekends when it comes with 3 of the most awesome things of Rome.

United States:

The States which every now and then comes in the Headlines, United States is quite popular for it’s almost everything, whether it is about the Laws, or about the Politics, or about the Culture or functions, or about the Sports. Usually half of the US population goes gaga over the base ball sports but the rest half just needs a can of diet coke and some cards to start their day off but since as per the US gambling laws, players are not allowed to play poker games for real cash, so most of the population goes usually for the Rummy card games, in-fact there are many Us sites as well those which hosts the Rummy online games for the real cash. US also organize some of the cool rummy events for the players. Mexico which is the 5th largest country in America and is outlined by the United States is believed to be one of the ancestral places of the Rummy games. Conquian is the Mexican card game that is believed to be the ancestral of the present Rummy game. Almost around 15% of the total rummy population comes from the United States. In-fact the greatest Gin Rummy player who was also believed to be a Poker player named Stu Ungar belongs to the United States. He is stated as the best player of Gin Rummy ever. Almost 33, 000 people from United States log into their respective Rummy portals simultaneously.


Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is now an independent country got its independence back in the year of 1962 and presently is quite popular for its culture and abundant Flora and Fauna. Jamaica serves almost 5% of the total Rummy population, and the people generally opt for the offline rummy 500 games.

The rest 5% of the total Rummy Population comes from the rest of the world.

Rummy is a game that is also believed to be the game that has the power to enhance the brain cell units and make them work more accurately (as per the latest report), though it didn’t get that much of media coverage but it surely is one of the games that should be played once in a life time.

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