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Posted on May 13, 2022 at 18:39 PM


The most evolved south Asian online game is RUMMY.’ 3 patti ‘ game is most running game in these days now which was famous since ages. Just like rummy 3 patti game is also most popular throughout Asian countries and is originated from Indian sub continent as a gambling card game.

Still, utmost of them will reply in the negative, because the game is known by the name of‘3 Patti’ in India, If you ask any Indian whether they know how to play flash card game. It’s one of India’s all- time favourite card games, besides online alcoholic. Lakhs of Indians have been playing it for centuries and know all the flash card game rules, tricks & tips, etc. Moment, it has not remained confined to only India or South Asia, but is gradationally getting popular in the whole world. Let’s know further about this


Since the last many centuries, this Teen Patti game has been played by Indians, especially during the fests of colourful Hindu carnivals. It’s deeply connected to the rich artistic heritage of our country. During the Diwali jubilee, numerous Indians used to not just play, but also organize events/ competitions of the flash card game in numerous places in India. Numerous Indians know how to play flash card game and casually play this game using real plutocrat, ranging from a many hundreds to indeed lakhs! There has hardly been any change to all this in recent times as this game is everyone’s mug of tea.

It’s said that Goddess Parvati played bones with Lord Shiva. Also she placard that those who’ll go on the Diwali night, will prosper in the ensuing time. India’s love for gambling is well recorded in the grand Mahabharata. Moment’s flash card game rules are the result of changes made to them over the centuries. Slight variations of the game are played in different corridor of the country. Some regard the Teen Patti as a reflection of their fate and their success in the game as their standing in the society. Indeed also, it’s religiously played in all the town lets and metropolises of India.


European merchandisers began to arrive in India in the after times of the 17th century. At that time hardly anyone among them knew how to play flash card game, so knowing all the flash card game rules was out of question. But gradationally, as the British Raj was established in India, they got to know a lot about our culture, the games we played, our carnivals, fests, etc. This way, they learned and took the flash card game to other corridor of the world.

One further reason why people of numerous other countries know the flash card game rules and also know how to play flash card game is because of Indians. All thanks to numerous Indians leaving India in the last many decades and settling in other countries. Thousands of Indians have dislocated to Europe, North America, Australia & New Zealand, the Middle East, etc. The Indian communities there tutored the locals how to play flash card game, which is why it’s getting popular in other corridor of the world.

Like the adding fashion ability of Indian Rummy among the non-playing Indian people, the Flash card game is gaining further and further addicts with each passing day in the rest of the world. Have your played this interesting ‘3PATTI GAME’ # TRI CARD GAME # PLASH CARD GAME, try playing this and win many cash prizes.

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