Tamil Nadu And Its Relationship With Rummy

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Posted on Sep 03, 2022 at 11:22 AM

Tamil Nadu And Its Relationship With Rummy - Silkrummy

Rummy has been one of the most popular card games in India since time immemorial. That beautiful balance that is struck between mathematics, probability, memory, intuition, and risk-taking is what represents the game of Rummy. Much like life itself. You are dealt a hand, with a sequence of cards, and you have to choose what to make of it, and the best way to play it, when you are pitted against other players. Newer cards keep coming to the fore from the deck itself, and with every move, you keep readjusting your strategy and refining it, aiming for the final win. Of course, there could be some hands that you might have to drop because the probability of a win on the table against other players is very low. In that case, you simply cut your losses, and hope for the next hand to be more in your favor.

Tamil Nadu, which translates to the country of the Tamils, has been an important region where this game has been played for centuries. The State bordered by the Coromandel Coast has its own unique fascination with this game. Being the second richest state in the country, and the highest urban population, the access to the Internet among the Tamilians is a major proponent for the boom of online rummy as a game within this state as well. This state boasts of having almost about 10 lakh players who love the game. With a state-wide population of approximately 7 crores, this means, everyone roughly every 1 in 70 people, plays rummy in Tamil Nadu.

The State’s relationship with Rummy, however, has been going through a rough patch recently. In 2021, the government passed an ordinance banning rummy games. This was then, however, subsequently reversed by the Madras High court, situated in Chennai in the same year. It is interesting to note, here, however, that the Supreme Court, has previously declared the game of Rummy to be a game of Skill, which does not fall under the ambit of gambling, on account of the higher probability of skill and application of brain functions of the individual on the game itself. The luck and chance element of the game, in terms of the cards and hands, dealt, eventually balances out once enough hands are played in a moderately timed session.

The Tamil Nadu government is once again, touted to be in talks to bring out a more comprehensive law around this segment. On the date of publishing of this article, however, it is perfectly legal to play Online rummy in Tamil Nadu.

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