Cash Rummy Players experience to Win Rs.74000 at Silkrummy

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Posted on Apr 01, 2022 at 11:19 AM


Misfortune can happen anytime but the will to fight back makes a real and perfect person. Here comes the story of a player who used his intelligence in playing the rummy game and crushed his delicate situation by winning a fortune! Meet Mr.Naveen, a true Rummy player who resolved his problem by winning Rs.74000 at Silk Rummy.

Naveen is from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He was on a stint in Shillong when he had to face big trouble He had to urgently return home but couldn’t get a flight ticket as they were at a high rise in rates. He is very good with numbers and also invests in the Stock Market. He came to know about Silk Rummy from a Facebook ad and decided to download the app and play the game. His passion for rummy drove him to play the game on Silk Rummy. When he installed the app on his phone, he realized that the events are no lower than a challenge. He loves grueling games and has won amazing prizes since then.

There was no other way to get the money except for one place that Naveen knew well. He decided to earn it by using his rummy skills, he deposited Rs.1000 at Silk Rummy and won Rs.74000 in just 6 hours!

Finally, his luck was with him when he was out with no money in his hands. It wasn’t just luck! Naveen is an avaricious rummy player who constantly plays rummy at online rummy spots. He used his talent and won a huge fortune in a night. Finally, his winnings made him buy a ticket & Some gifts for the family to get back home.

“I was in Shillong last month and couldn’t get a return flight ticket as it was too precious. I deposited Rs.1000 at Silk Rummy and I won Rs.74000 in just 6 hours. I shoot for a pullout request and the cash was credited to my account right down. Thanks a Million, Silk Rummy Team!” says Naveen.

So what are you waiting for?  Be a part of the liveliest online rummy community. Earn money online silk rummy is the ultimate destination where you can invest and earn easily. Just like Naveen, you can also win a jackpot with your skills at Silk Rummy! Hit the tables and use your skills to become a big winner.

We, at Silk Rummy, provide an unlimited resource of practice games for absolutely free. You can access these games using free reloadable chips available on your dashboard. Go for a rummy app download on your mobile phone now and get a welcome bonus up to ₹5050 on making your first deposit! Happy gaming!

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