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Did you love playing rummy on your desk? Well, now experience the same rummy emotion on your mobile.

Download Real Cash rummy game application on your Android device for a fast and secure cash rummy game application experience on your mobile device and enjoy your favorite points, group, and offers and increase the rummy variant on the go.

So how to download the real cash rummy app and play on your Android? Simply follow these simple steps and get the free download the best cash rummy game app (download the cash rummy game app)

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Play Rummy Games at SilkRummy, Follow the Steps Download -- Install --Play

Silk Rummy – Download Best Play Rummy Cash Games APK for Android Mobiles

Play Cash Rummy (Play Cash Rummy)on the go! For the first time in India, a free rummy app that lets you play cash games. Silk Rummy is the best Rummy earning app in India. Download the SilkRummy Cash Rummy app for Android phones and tablets and take part in rummy games on mobile and other devices, with variants like Points Rummy Games (Points Rummy), Pool Rummy Games (Pool Rummy), and Deals Rummy Games (also known as best of N). Plus, we offer huge cash rewards in our free online rummy app. You can also make a secure cash deposit at any time or request a withdrawal via the rummy mobile app. free download is available, and it’s never been easier to start playing your favorite rummy game on mobile and win cash prizes. We offer one of the most trusted mobile cash rummy gaming experiences through our rummy app for Android devices. Get started playing rummy by registering and getting started with downloading the rummy game app. Enjoy the rummy instant withdrawal & win Big cash prizes only at SilkRummy.

Rummy Game Apk / App – How To Download & Install Mobile Rummy App

Once the Silk Rummy APK file is downloaded, you just need to touch the file to start the installation. You may receive a warning signal indicating that the installation is blocked from sources other than Play Store. But, there is nothing to worry about here. Simply modify your settings and you will be ready. Not sure how to do it? Just follow these steps.

To Download & Install the Silk rummy real cash games app, Please follow the steps

To Play Cash Rummy Online Games follow app installation steps


Step 1: Go to Play store & click on “settings”

Cash Rummy app download - Click on settings


Step 2: Click on the “Play protect” option

Best Rummy app download at Silkrummy- Click on play protect


Step 3: Click on the “Gear” Icon

Play rummy app download - Click on Gear


Step 4: Disable the “Improve harmful app detection” option

Rummy online cash game app download - Disable the Improve harmful app detection


Step 5: Allow the “unknown sources” to download the app

Rummy apk download settings - Allow the unknown sources


Step 6: Click on install anyway to get app installed

Rummy game free download - Click On Install Anyway


Don’t Worry, Silkrummy App is safe & secure to download & install

Play rummy apk download - secure to download install


Now Play Anytime!! Anywhere!!

Real money rummy app! Play Rummy Anytime!! Anywhere!!

Now that you have installed this super cool rummy application, it’s time to try it.
New Rummy player

Play with SilkRummy for the first time? Well, you just started wonderfully! Now, open your recently downloaded Android or IOS application and register with us and start playing cash games, tournaments and even practice rummy sessions immediately. If you are still learning the game, simply experience how to play rummy in practice games before trying out the cash games. Click here “how to play rummy” section to understand the rules of rummy and play better.

Existing Rummy Player

If you are already registered with us, just open your recently downloaded Android or IOS App and log in with your username and password and enjoy playing rummy Cash games on your mobile.

What are the benefits of downloading the Indian Rummy application on your mobile?

Why download the SilkRummy application, when you can play the same game on your mobile browser and even on the desktop? Well, there is more than one reason for that.


The SilkRummy application is elegant, smooth, and fast. The user interface is clean and loads the game quickly. What you experience is the clean game table and the board to choose games and manage your account.


With multiple variants of rummy, it is always fun to try several games and at any time you want. With the online rummy app, the game is now in your palm. It is easy to use and is very convenient. After all, what can be more useful than a great game in your pocket.


The excitement of playing with the best players in India and, at your convenience, is unparalleled.


Some special offers and promotions run all the time in SilkRummyall the time in SilkRummy. If you want to make the most of it, just enjoy the game in the Android or iOS application and never miss a deal.


And, in order not to miss any special offer or the opportunity to win cash prizes, we send you real-time alerts in the application.


There are no distractions here. It is a clean and messy interface, without banners, ads, or pop-ups that distract you from the game. Only focused on games. This is where the best Rummy experience improves. Update Play Rummy App download on your android devices Now!


Packed with intense colors, a perfect user interface, and the option to play several table games at the same time, it makes it the best rummy app.


Perfect your skills with practice games or play with real money: the choice is in your hands, literally. You can make your journey from beginner to professional with our mobile application SilkRummy. Or, you can start with cash games and make the most of your free time.

Therefore, download the Indian rummy app for free on Android phones and witness that the best rummy experience is even better.

General Cash Rummy App FAQ’s

There are some common concerns that customers have when it comes to downloading rummy games. Let us help you understand them better.

Why do I receive a warning signal that indicates that the installation is blocked from sources other than Play Store?

This is the default configuration of your phone. It acts as a filter paper to prevent unknown downloads from occurring. However, with authentic and 100% secure platforms like SilkRummy, there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is allow other sources and the rummy application will be downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

Which is the Best Real Cash Rummy App in India?

Every Indian proudly says Silkrummy is India’s Best Real Cash Rummy Gaming App.  To play Real money rummy games, silkrummy is the best choice. Rummy app download is very simple & easy.

Can I play the free rummy game in the SilkRummy app?

Yes, you can play the rummy game for free in our application. Simply register with us and enjoy free games 24 hours a day. There are practice games and cash games available and you can select them according to your preference.

Can I download the SilkRummy application offline?

Like any other application, the SilkRummy application also needs a stable and active Internet connection to download. The application is lightweight and quickly downloaded to your smartphone.

Can I play the Cash rummy games in the SilkRummy app?

Yes, users can play rummy cash games in our application by depositing cash. Simply register with us and Deposit the minimum amount & enjoy games 24×7. There are free games and cash games available and you can select them according to your preference.

Is the SilkRummy app free or paid?

The SilkRummy app offers free rummy games and cash rummy games! Android users can download and install the application from our website and IOS users can do the same from the IOS App Store for free.

Can I deposit through Paytm to Play Rummy?

Silkrummy provides hassle-free multiple payment & withdrawal options. You can choose credit card/ debit card/ net banking/mobile wallets (like – Google Pay, rummy cash Paytm,), etc..,

Can I Win Real money by playing rummy cash games at Silk rummy app?

Yes, players can win real money as cash prizes on Silk Rummy by playing cash games on the app. All you have to do is download and install the rummy app. Then you can join cash games and win exclusive real cash prizes. And guess what, you can quickly redeem your cash winnings from your Silk Rummy account to your bank account. Just place a withdrawal request and the money will be credited directly to your bank account in the shortest time possible.

How to Download Silk Rummy App on my Mobile?

To download Silk Rummy app on mobile is very easy. Just follow the few steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit on your mobile & Click on the “DOWNLOAD” button

Step 2: Disable “Improve harmful Detection” & Allow “Unknown sources”

Step 3: Click on “INSTALL ANYWAY”

That’s it, now users can access Silk rummy app on mobile devices.

Don’t worry Silk Rummy app is 100% safe & Secure to Download & Install.

Contact our support

The SilkRummy Customer support team is available 24×7, to give you the best Rummy TM experience. Connect with our customer service team from your registered email ID at and share your concern or problem. Our representative will contact you with a solution shortly.

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