Understanding the Auto Rebuy Function on the Rummy Game Table on Silkrummy.com

by Administrator

Posted on Dec 05, 2020 at 15:53 PM

Rummy Game Table Features

Auto Re-buy is a functionality created for the convenience of the players on Silkrummy.com. The system automatically detects if your balance on the table has fallen below the minimum entry required for a game on the table, and adds the balance amount to your game table balance so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted game play of your favourite 13 cards Rummy game on Silkrummy.

For example, if you have entered with Rs 800 on a 10 Rupees points Rummy game table. And you drop the first hand dealt to you on the table, your balance is now 800 -(10*20)=Rs 600. (i.e. minimum entry of Rs 800 minus 20 points at a 10 Rupee point value viz. Rs 200 for the game drop). Your balance on the table is now Rs 600. If you have selected the Auto Rebuy functionality on the game table at the time of your Buy in on the Rummy Game Table, the system automatically checks your Account balance and adds the balance Rs 200 to your balance on the Game table bringing it back to the level of minimum game table entry required.

Hence, you don’t have to vacate your seat or miss the next deal in the event of a late re-buy in on the Game table.

Auto-Rebuy is one of the most popular game table features of the Points Rummy Game in the 13 cards format. However, it is recommended that the most ideal buy-in into a Rummy Game Session is 2.5-3x of the Minimum Entry required on a Game table. i.e. if a Game Table has a minimum entry of Rs 400, the ideal buy-in is Rs 1000-1200 in order for you to have a durable Game session and maximize your profits after a swing of games ending in winning/losing.

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