From PC to Tabs and mobiles: How Online Rummy Gaming Industry has changed

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Posted on Sep 16, 2022 at 13:16 PM

Computer games have been around ever since the home computer was available. In fact, one of the legends goes that Bill Gates created the card games Solitaire and Freecell, and minesweeper in order to teach people how to use the mouse when had launched the windows based PC back in the day. Card games have always been some of the popular games played across the planet, in almost every country, in some form or the other, and it came as no surprise to people when there was in fact a horde of people buying PCs just to play these new unique card games brought to them by Microsoft.

Women across the world were utilizing their time playing these games on their new home computers, even if the computer was being used for other more productivity-enhancing activities by the other people in the house. Just as video games on the consoles have a varied audience ranging from men to women to children to adults to senior citizens, so also did these pc games immediately catch everyone’s attention and called to the fancy of people regardless of their age, ethnicity and gender.

Silkrummy, being one of the pioneers of online card games in India, has seen this evolution very closely. Back in the early 2000s, the game was played primarily on the computer. It was the generation of heavy installable apps on your desktop with built-in flash players that would connect the player to the internet and allow him to participate in the multiplayer universe of online rummy.

Silkrummy, one of the pioneers in this segment, was arguably the first product in the world to bring the multiplayer rummy experience to their players directly on the browser – whether it was Google Chrome or Internet explorer which was quite popular back in the day or safari etc, without the need for any plug-ins. With its state-of-the-art and first-of-its-kind HTML5-based gaming platform, Silkrummy was one of the first games, to also be available for seamless play on the mobile browser as an extension thereof.

Then came the era of apps. Facebook, for example, adopted a Mobile first policy in the middle of the last decade, in recognition of the fact that a big chunk of the audience was now shifting their mode of accessing the internet and especially recreational content on their mobiles. The joy of playing rummy on the mobiles was immediately acknowledged by the universe of rummy players in the country too, and the industry started seeing a significant shift in the form of various rummy circles switching from their desktop pc app download formats to mobile app apks and the whole generation of rummy players was now playing the game on their mobiles and tablets instead of their PCs. Pro rummy players were still continuing to play on the PCs and desktops and laptops, for ease of movement of cards and being able to access the information being displayed on various information tabs on the game table at the same time, but the newer generation was increasingly expressing their preference for the mobile app and downloading it from site’s apk download pages.

With this fast shift that we have seen in gaming that we have seen in the last 20 years, from TV-based console gaming to PC-based console gaming to PC gaming to browser gaming to mobile app gaming, one begs to question, what is going to be next? Wearables maybe? AR? Time will soon dictate the flow of the crowd here for sure!

Till then, if you are a new generation player, here is the link to download the silkrummy card game APK for your android phones If you are more of a pro cash rummy player wanting to download the PC app for the game, you can check out our section on cash rummy download.

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