How to Play Rummy Games Online to Win Real Cash – Tips and hacks to Actually make money

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Posted on Sep 06, 2022 at 11:49 AM

Online Rummy is gaining in popularity every single day. The age-old game was always played offline in circles of friends and clubs and the likes earlier, but the online avatar of this game is a different playground to navigate altogether!

How is online Rummy different from your regular club rummy or rummy with your circle of friends? Exactly in that way. In the offline format, you know the people you are playing with. You know their styles of playing. Who is a tight player? Who is a loose player? Who is a winning player? Who is a losing player? Whose mental acumen is what is something you know about the circle of people you are playing with? In the online format, however, it’s like a jungle of Rummy players! Who is a deer? Who is a lion? Who is a tiger? Who is an elephant? You have no idea. There are some players who are great at mathematical probability. Some players are great at memorizing cards. Some players are so decidedly patient with their game that they will drop 5 games without blinking an eye and in the 6th game that they enter, they are in it to win it.

So, how do you know how to play in the online rummy format? You download the rummy app, and are thoroughly confused with the plethora of options in front of you! Should you play points rummy? Or pools rummy? Of Best of N rummy? Or a rummy tournament? Or small stakes? Or high stakes? Or medium stakes? These are our top tips to ace the online rummy game, in order to maximize your skill at navigating this world of Online rummy!

Firstly. Have we scared you off with respect to playing online rummy? Do not fret. Online games are a fantastic way to truly challenge your brain and develop your mental acumen with respect to various brain function parameters. This multitude of confusion that the online world creates is exactly why you should delve into it more! To become a smarter and more confident version of yourself. Added to this, the thrill of acing the game in the online format is unparalleled and doesn’t come anywhere close to the format of games you play with your buddies in your rummy club. Because you are playing against the best and the most diverse range of players you would come across from all over the country!

Now, back to the tips. We always suggest, starting in a calculated and strategic manner.

  • Try out all the game formats – Points, Pool, and Best of N. Every game format has its own unique peculiarities. For example, Points rummy is about maximizing your game in a single hand. Pool rummy is about making sure you are the last man standing at the table even if you may not be winning every hand. Best of N is about maximizing the number of hands you win, and is not related to the points you score in the game. See which game style suits you the most. Each player has their own preference of game format that they are most comfortable with.
  • Start with stakes that you are comfortable losing at. For example, if you are budgeting approximately Rs 5000 for your recreational expense in online gaming per month, and you aim to spend about 5-6 hours per week playing, divide that approximately by the number of game sessions you are playing per week and the average winning and losses you are making that week. Over the course of 2-3 weeks, you will have a fair bit of an idea about your winning or losing streak and the average amount you are making or spending on the site. Be at a number that you are comfortable with from an overall budget perspective. While it is alright, once in a while to up your stakes to try your luck, especially if you are on a winning streak, do not venture into stakes that can put a financial burden on you in the event you lose that session, or over a series of sessions.
  • Find a comfortable time to play. Rummy is a game of the mind. Requires a decent degree of concentration. Play at a time when you are clear mental bandwidth to play. Your session could last even for 20 minutes, or for 2 hours. You can also break your session into multiple slots across the day if you do not have a single large time window during the day. However, it is important to play at a time when you are giving the game your entire focus and concentration, in order to get better at the game and understand your flaws and strengths better.
  • Focus on improving your game. Do not look at rummy purely from the point of view of winning or losing. Rummy is a beautiful game exercising various parts of your brain, and the element of money brings an element of seriousness to the game which many other games, no matter how competitive they might be, do not. Understand that element, and use the game to get better at your memory skills, your probability skills, your skills of reading the opponent’s gameplay, and so on. The better you get at your game, the more money you will make! It’s as simple as that!
  • Compliment players on their winning. Silkrummy’s android app, and web version, both have a beautifully designed chat tab on the table. Use it to congratulate the opponent when he/she wins the game. That will serve a dual purpose. One, it will send out a note of appreciation to the opponent which will make him feel good, and trust us, it will make you feel good too. And more importantly, it will change your focus on the game to look at it as a game and not as a medium of purely winning/losing. That attitude, in fact, is what will actually make you earn money in the game 😊

So, we wish you all the best on the Rummy tables! And may the force be with you! Appreciate and enjoy the game and use it to your advantage, and happy playing! is India’s most trusted online rummy platform and loved by players for almost a decade for its transparency, responsible gaming, and pure algorithms. Our motto is to bring quality gaming to recreational rummy gamers and our tables host some best-in-class features such as late entry, and advanced disconnection management to bring to you the most feature-rich technology experience to play rummy from the comfort of your homes.

We strongly encourage responsible gaming and hope that you use the love we have invested into creating this product is used for the most enriching gaming experience by our players!

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