How safe is it to Play Rummy Online for Real Money

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Posted on Sep 19, 2022 at 13:42 PM

How safe is it to play rummy online

Well! Here we address one of the most discussed topics in the Online Rummy players community! And for valid reasons. How safe is it really to play rummy online in India and other cash games in the internet sphere? Can you really trust an online entity that you do not know? How do you know if the games are fair? How do you know if your money is safe? Whether you will receive your withdrawal redeem amounts on time or not? These are all extremely valid questions and we are here to address all these concerns below.

The safety on playing online rummy can broadly be divided into five major sections:

  • The legality of playing rummy in your particular state and jurisdiction. (For example, rummy may be banned by the respective state governments of your domicile state such as in the state of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Sikkim etc as on the date of publishing this article, i.e. 12.09.2022.) The first thing you need to be aware of is whether it is actually legal to play online rummy in your state. Doing a quick search on Google can help you in this regard. Just type your state and online rummy ban in the list of keywords that you search on Google, and you should be presented with a variety of news articles covering the topic of whether it is legal to play rummy and other skill-based games or other cash games in your domicile territory. Make sure that you look for the most recent dated article that covers this topic as these regulations have been known to change quite frequently. For example, take the case of Tamil Nadu. Online rummy was banned in Tamil Nadu in 2020 and then the same ban was reversed in 2021, and now again in 2022, there are representations being made to the state and central government to ban it once again. There are multiple agencies that can get involved in this process including the state governments, the state judiciary, the police, and then central agencies and institutions which can sometimes turn this into a complicated equation with different agencies adopting different perspectives on this matter. This play of legal to-and-fro is likely to continue till there is a clear law by the Central government on this matter. The closest argument of a national stand on this matter is currently found in a Supreme Court order which recognizes the game of rummy as a game of skill and not as Gambling. However, when it comes to cash rummy, and other games of skill or not for cash, the perspectives taken by various governments is currently under evolution and in the course of the next few years hopefully we will have more certainty on this matter.

What can you do till then? Is it safe for you to play rummy online till then? For cash especially? There are simply two things you can do:

  • 1) Play on legitimate sites: How do you know if a site is legitimate? Simply try reaching out to their customer care service, for example. Drop a mail or a message, or give them a call if their number is available. The nature of your interaction with them will give you an idea of whether it is a faceless company or a company that takes its relationships with its customers seriously. Silkrummy is one of the most trusted sites for players to play online rummy in India.
  • – 2) Trust the Site to keep track on the legislation. They will most likely block your IPs at some point during the cash transaction to prevent you from playing cash rummy if the game is banned in your jurisdiction.
  • 3) Read the terms of services and disclaimers: If the game is banned in your territory, the disclaimers will be called to your attention at multiple touch points during the process of registration and transactions. Pay attention to them.
  • 4) Keep your stakes within your comfort zone: Silkrummy is a huge proponent of responsible gaming. The game is intended purely for recreational purposes and for mental exercise. It is not meant to cause you financial distress. We therefore strongly recommend you to play at stakes that are within your comfort zone and not get bit by the idea of scaling up on stakes too soon, before you are comfortable about your monthly spend on the sites for example.
  • How fair is the gameplay? Online rummy is a digital play. There are a lot of components that talk with each other at the lobby and game algorithm level to bring you the best possible gameplay. However, sometimes, on certain sites, there can be issues with regard to the transparency and fairness of the gameplay. How do you ascertain whether the game is fair?
  • For starters, there are various agencies that certify the fairness of gameplay. You can look out for those certifications on the sites that you are playing at. For example, RNG certification (i.e. Random Number Generation) is a popular certificate recognized by many players around the world.
  • Other than that, SSL is another important certificate to look out for. If you are playing on the android app, log in to the web version of the site to check if they have the SSL certificate or not.
  • And the most important of them all, however, is to observe the lobby and the games. Start at low stakes, and see the level of transparency that is being maintained in the lobby, for example. Can you get a clear idea of the number of games being played? Can you see the games that are being played? When you play on smaller stakes, does your session record a similar number of wins/losses across multiple sessions? Is the difference on account of the quality of the players you are playing with or on account of the cards being dealt to you? You will soon find your answers on whether a site is trustworthy or not and have a clear idea of the fairness and transparency of the site. Go on to higher stakes only once you have that degree of comfort on the site.
  • How safe is your money?

Again, here, the answer lies in starting small and experiencing the site. Look out for the following cues:

– Whether your money is added to your wallet in time. What happens if the money is debited from your bank account and not added to your player account? If the issue is on account an internet error at the level of any of the various intermediary parties or your own internet, the money should typically be added back to your bank account or your personal account within 7 days. If not, then you have the option of reaching out to the payment gateway and /or dropping a mail to the customer support team of the site to look into this issue. If you are playing on a reputed site, the issue should definitely get resolved within this time.

– Which is the payment that you are transacting through? Is it a reputed payment gateway? The reputation of the payment gateway can make a difference as payment gateways are also accountable to a limited extent to ensure that you are transacting with valid merchants.

– Are your game transactions and account balance history transparent? You should clearly be able to see the ledger of your account balance. While some apps may not provide this feature, the data should definitely be available at least on the web site version of the rummy sites.

– Are there any hidden charges in your withdrawals / redeems? – Ideally, there should not be any hidden charges in your withdrawals. On silkrummy, for example, you can clearly withdraw the amount lying in your account balance without any hidden charges. Charges, if any, should have a clear explanation on their calculation/reason.

4) Do your withdrawals come on time?

Once your withdrawal amounts are approved, check your bank account the next day to ensure that you have received the funds in your account. The amount should get credited to your bank account within 24 hours / 1 working day of the withdrawal being approved. This is an important step to closing the loop of the money trust. is one of the most trusted brands to play Online rummy in India. With players playing with us for almost a decade on our network, Silkrummy brings to you the safest, most transparent, most fair and most responsible online rummy gaming platform for cash games in India and for Indians across the world. If you have any further questions about our policies, you can feel free to reach out to us as

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