What if you are facing a bad streak at Rummy Game?

by Administrator

Posted on Dec 05, 2020 at 15:40 PM

What if you are facing a bad streak at Rummy Game?

What is a Bad Streak in Rummy? Players often complain that they are facing a tough day in Rummy and are not getting good cards etc when they are lose a few games continuously. While various studies have published that the role of luck in the game of Rummy is highly limited and can at best be adjusted to be not more than 10% with 90% being the skill level of the player, it is interesting to note the causes that might be leading to your Bad streak in Rummy:

  • You are tired
  • Your skill level does not match up to the skill level of your opponents
  • Your Seating position is putting you at a disadvantage if you have entered into the game in the middle of an ongoing session
  • You are playing too safe or too risky
  • There are too many disturbances around you

Often times it is one of the aforementioned or a combination of the above factors that leads to your losing streak in Rummy.

So, what should you really do in order to come out of your losing streak?

  • Take a break
  • Join a different table with different skill sets of players
  • Try changing your position on the table if that is allowed
  • Re-evaluate your Game entry
  • Make sure you are of a calm and focused mind so that you are able to concentrate on the game
  • Shift your focus outwards instead of inwards. Give yourself three-four rounds of the Game to gauge the style of game play of the players on the tables. Observe first, prepare your strategy and then attack.

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