4 Little known Facts about Online Rummy Rules

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Posted on Dec 05, 2020 at 16:04 PM

4 Little known Facts about Online Rummy Rules

In recent times, online rummy is the new fashion. In this digital age, Rummy has reinvented itself to adapt to the changing needs of people with its online version and is even more popular in the virtual space. The basic rules of the rummy game remain the same. However, online rummy cash games have made few changes, rather improvisations to build the pace of the game that meets the expectations of online players.

There are little known facts about the rummy rules, it is time for us to shed some light on these 4 small but interesting facts of the rummy rules.

Fact # 1: Ace as the wild-card joker

It is a known fact that when you play free games or play rummy for cash along with the printed wild card, you randomly select one card from the remaining cards, which is considered the wild card. For example, if you choose the 6 Hearts card, any card with the number 6, regardless of the suit, will become the wild card. But, when playing online or in free games if the chosen card is the printed joker, all Aces are considered wildcard jokers. So, the next time you choose a randomly printed wildcard to decide the wild card, just remember this and continue your game without flinching.

Fact # 2: the Rummy sequence can be 3 or more cards

A sequence is the set of consecutive cards of the same suit. Generally, when players are playing free card games online, it is assumed that a sequence is 3 or 4 cards. For example; A, K, Q and J of Spades form a valid rummy sequence. But, in reality, a sequence can be 3 or more cards. Therefore, if it forms a sequence of A, K, Q, J, 10 of spades, then it is also valid. These facts help especially when playing online with real money rummy games.

Fact # 3: The set can be 3 or 4 cards

Unlike a sequence, a set is clearly defined by the number of cards that form a valid set. According to the rules of rummy, a set is defined as 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but different suits. For example, 3 of Spades, 3 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds and 3 of Clubs is a valid sequence like 3 of Spades, 3 of Hearts and 3 of Diamonds.

Fact # 4: Intelligent use of duplicate cards

When playing real money rummy games, every move is crucial. Sometimes, you can find two similar cards in your hand. Conventional wisdom usually tells you to discard the duplicate card to get fewer points. But, an intelligent solution allowed within the gambit of rummy rules is available to players. However, very few beginners are aware of this. In the case of duplicate cards, you can use a card as part of the sequence and your duplicate can be used to form a set. Is not that smart enough?


As they say, beauty lies in the details; In the same way, the beauty of Rummy lies in its simple rules. Since the real fun of rummy is when you play online, it’s time to play and enjoy.

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