Rummy and Poker Card Games

India as a country has always been on the fore front when it comes to card games, and you shall always find a few thousands, if not lakhs, of the Indian population partaking in them at any given time of the year. By definition, a card game is any game which is played using playing cards. The origins of playing cards, and hence card games, can be traced back to as early as the 9th century. However, the modern playing card and card games- the ones we witness now- were introduced around the 14th century. In India, the most popular card games are Teen Patti, rummy and rummy, including their variants.


Rummy’s origins can be dated back to the early twentieth century and it is said to have been derived from the Mexican game of Conquian. Rummy has different variants such as points rummy, pool rummy, Best of N rummy, traditional Indian rummy, and so on. In order to learn more about the game and how to play it, refer to About Rummy and How to Play Rummy. Play rummy online on and earn money now!


The origin of poker can be dated back to the nineteenth century. Over the years, it has experienced radical changes and has branched out into other variants such as Texas Hold ‘Em poker, Omaha poker and so on. There are several variations of poker that you can play to challenge your skills! Playing card games is not only fun and interesting, but can help you make money online too! If you are fond of card games, you can now play online Rummy with your circle of friends at We offer our patrons a range of rummy games including Points rummy and Pool rummy.

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