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Bridge Rummy Card Games Rules Online India

The game of bridge cards has two main parts: the Bidding and the Play. The online Bridge rummy game requires four players and each player sits opposite his partner at a card table. The standard deck is used where 13 cards each are distributed to the 4 players. The objective in the bridge card game play is to win tricks for your side. A trick consists of four cards, one from each player thus, there are 13 tricks to be won on each deal. The first card played to each trick is called the lead. If you lead, you can play any card in your hand and the other player is obliged to play from that suit only. If not, then you can play any card. After four cards have been played, the trick is complete and if a trick does not contain any trump card, it is won by the highest card of the suit led. As an important rule to the bridge game, if a trick contains a trump card, it is won by the highest trump played.

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