rummy terminology

The rules for online rummy games and tournaments are the same. If you are playing this 13 card games then you should know about the basic terminology used in the game to understand it in a better way.


The cards from two decks are shuffled well. Each of the players is distributed 13 cards. This is called dealing the cards. The dealing can only proceed after the toss of the game.

Open Deck & Closed Deck

The players discard a card in their every move. This discarded pile of cards is kept facing up. This group of discarded cards is called open deck.

Once the cards are dealt among the players, the remaining cards are separated keeping their face down. This group of cards is known as the closed deck.

Draw and Discard

When you pick the card from open or closed deck of cards, the process is termed as ‘Draw’. And, when you pick a card from the closed deck or from the open deck, you need to drop one card. This process is termed as ‘Discard’.

Joker & Paper Joker

After the cards are dealt among the player, one card is picked randomly from the closed deck. This card becomes the joker for that particular game. This card is also called with the name – ‘paper joker’ or ‘cut joker’. Apart from this card, there are two more jokers having Joker printed on them. These two joker cards are used for completing the set. But, there must be a pure sequence to make a valid set at the time of ‘Show’.

Meld & Show

When you make a proper sequence from your 13 cards then the act of arranging these cards in sequence is called ‘Melding’. Once these cards are melded into the proper set players can send these cards for validation i.e. Show.

So, these are some of the most basic terms used in a rummy game. You can enjoy playing rummy game online after learning these terms. If you know about these terms and the basic rummy rules, you are ready to play. Silkrummy is one of the websites that has its own Rummy Android and IOS app. The users can download its app from the Play Store/App Store and enjoy playing rummy on mobile.

What are Chips?

If you are joining to play 13-card rummy games online then you will require the chips to play the game. Once the player joins a table, a certain number of chips are deducted from the player’s account and if he wins the game certain number of chips is added to the player’s account. There are two types of chips at

Fun Chips

These chips are required to play free games and can be reloaded anytime.

Real Chips

These chips are required to play rummy for cash and you need to purchase them spending few bucks.


It is very important to know the rummy terminology before you start playing the game. If you are a beginner, you should start playing the free rummy games first to develop the skills. Learn about the rules and terminology associated with the game of rummy so that you can play it to win.

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