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3 Patti Rummy Card Game Rules Online India

Teen Patti, or three cards, is a gambling game also known as Flash. Teen Patti is very similar to Three Card rummy As per the 3 Patti rules, the cards are ranked traditionally with Aces as the highest and the 2's as the lowest. The game can be played with either 2 players but ideally it requires 5-6 players. The main aim of the game is to have the best 3-card hand and to achieve the maximum pot before the showdown. The pot is a collection of money kept in the center of the table and shall be won by the best player. Before playing Teen Patti, it is necessary to agree on the value of the minimum bet known as the boot. Each player has 3 cards and the players bet on who has the best 3-card hand. The players can either look at their cards before betting (playing seen) or they can leave their cards facing down (playing blind). In the online 3 Patti game, blind players can choose to select to view their cards any time of the game. At the beginning, the minimum bet is the current stake. Players can easily learn how to play teen Patti and practice by registering themselves online.

The boot and other sums played in the pot provide an incentive to play the hand rather fold when the opening bet reaches them. This makes the playing much more interesting.

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