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Points Rummy:

One of the fastest and simplest forms of rummy, each game of point’s rummy lasts for one deal only,that is, the winner of the game is decided in a single deal. After the completion of each game, the winner gets the chips of the opponents, depending on the point value and full count.

You can pick from Joker and No Joker Game Types. The number of players can be 2 to 6 and bet value can be low, medium or high.

About Points Rummy:

Note: If the card taken out randomly of a closed deck turns out to be a printed joker then the ace of any suit becomes the wild card joker for that particular deal.

Difference between “No Joker” & “Joker” Rummy Game:

There is no major difference between these two variations; the game play remains the same, the only difference lies in the use of joker card. In “Joker” game, printed Joker card along with the other wild cards being selected by the game play acts like the joker, while in a “No Joker” game, only the printed joker card is used as the joker. provides Indian Classic Rummy lovers an opportunity to play rummy online with their rummy in the form of both cash rummy games and classic rummy games.

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