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Indian rummy card game rules

  • Indian Rummy is a variant of online Rummy, which is popularly known as 13 cards Rummy. Players can play Rummy card games for Free or Cash online and Win cash prizes daily. Playing the 13 card Rummy online has been recognized as a game of skill and expertise and hence it is considered legal to play rummy for cash in India.

  • The 13 card Indian rummy is usually played with 2 to 6 players using the 52 cards deck. The dealer deals 13 cards face down for each player with one card face up with the rest of the deck. The intent of the game is to complete a hand with all cards formed into Sets and Runs. The objective of the Rummy game is to meld all the cards in your hand to form sequences and sets, as you play the game. A winning hand has two sequences with at least one sequence without a Joker. Rummy card games are played with 2 decks, each with 52 cards and 1 face Joker. Along with the face joker, there is one additional joker which is picked at the beginning of each game. All cards having this number or picture from all four suits are considered jokers. Each player has 13 cards to play and hence the name is 13 Cards Rummy or the Classical Rummy.

  • The rules for playing online rummy are very simple and can be easily learnt. A very fair and competitive environment is provided online for playing the game ensuring data security across platforms in terms of making deposits and withdrawals.

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