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Play Indian Rummy Card Games Online India

  • Indian Rummy (also called Paplu) is a popular card game in India with a little variation from original rummy. It is played with 13 cards each for every player and at least 2 decks of cards having a few jokers.

  • This rummy card game can also be played online and is popular among all age groups. To win the game, two kinds of sets are possible: a run of consecutive suited cards, and three or four of a kind (without duplicate suits). The basic requirement for a player to win a hand is that he should have at least two sequences and one of which must be "pure", i.e. it should be without any jokers.

  • Indian Rummy is similar to the standard Rummy game, with the only difference being the number of cards which are dealt i.e. a set of 13 cards is dealt to each player in the game. Every player picks or discards a card from the deck which can be open or closed. The players have to complete sets and/or sequences in a clockwise turn of action. The player shows the cards in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences to declare.

  • The players need to arrange the cards in sequences and then place them on the table to show their hands to other players. If the player’s hand meets the objective, he is declared the winner. If not, the opponent is declared the winner.

  • When the hand concludes, the unmade points held by the losing players are totalled and the highest scorer wins. Playing free Indian rummy 13 card games is a popular recreational activity taken up by many youth in India.

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